Thursday, March 12, 2009


Recently art has been making me question everything about myself and who I am. Not just drawings, and paintings but photography as well. We all (i feel) become inspired by those few images we saw while we were developing our fundamental talents. But being able to break the mold and not strive to be just like that one successor that inspired us (me) but take everything we have learned and not to throw it away but learn from it and do your own thing. This has always been hard for me and been a crutch in a way. Trying to be like that person who was the best in my eyes.

Recently I learned because of this, trying to be like others, my artwork is never consistent. I wish it could be but its not, there is no trademark in my work. In my photography yes, I feel there is but art wise its a lot more difficult. But because of this I found out that all the un-consistent work mushed together is a lot more intriguing. You can under stand a sense of the artist (myself) and his constant fighting to understand who he wants to become or who he will never become.

Hopefully when I do get my digital camera today, my birthday gift, thank god.
I can document what Im doing with my art and feel free to critique my train of thought. I must re learn myself all over again and I am excited to begin this process.

Other then that I am working on a lot of project and I am working on them One step at a time.
I will list them but dont expect all of them to come true but I do hope so.

A Short Film.
Making a short film about one of my expierences traveling in Orlando Fla, but it wont be just like it. But it will be based on it. I feel weird about taking on this project because I feel I am glorifying the train hopping lifestyle but I really dont, I just want to make it so I can remember a choice and part in my life I feel has defined me immensely. I will be starting on this hopefully this weekend. I will be using a dvd camcorder borrowed by Hannah and the two main charcters will be Matthew Buffallo and Hannah.

Photography Zine
As soon as I get my tax money I am spending it on this project, to push myself foreward in a way I have never done before. It will ethier be a 32 or 42 page zine with my photography in it from the past 2 years. The documenting of my sroundings in Lawerencville GA, a time I feel I learned a lot about photography and the few months in Jacksonville fla. My first expierence into a traveling family, friends, and true vagabonds living a surreal but very real life.

And thats about it. Two big projects I feel I will acomplish this year.
But hopefully not the last.