Friday, April 10, 2009

Last night my friend Zac got out of jail so we celebrated
he came over to my place and we both split a good size of alcohol. there we talked about the usual shit, the origins of the music we where listening to (folk and hip hop) and we shared some stories of our recent happenings and smoked cigarettes on the porch until we were near the end of our alcohol. we walked to the store, we both reload on grits and what not else and we chilled in this abandon garage and talked about the universe....or he talked about it....i listened....not really my thing. there friends picked us up, went to union school to chill some more. we took zac home and the rest of us went to the nearest bar were i did some karoke of the rolling stones and we left. cop pulls us over for some bullshit and we all go home. fun night.