Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures of April's First Friday and Saturday.
Friday took a nice bike ride from the Shamrock to Downtown.
There we bar hopped and made a stop at the Macon Arts exchange.
Talked to some people about doing art shows and a mural.
Ended back at the shamrock where we ended the drinking.
Went to waffle house and I ended on my friends couch.
Saturday came home, made breakfast.
Hung out with kenneth, went to a future art music venue.
Took photos of a good friend and his band the Roly Bots.
Later ate at El Sombrero, had a beer and went to his house.
Did some drawing and his dog fucked around with a squirrel.
Later took me home.
Now here I am on sunday drinking some saved up beer.
And watching the Patriot.
Good weekend so far.