Saturday, May 9, 2009


For the upcoming month of June my friend Kenneth and I will be having a art show.
I want to call it the OUT OF PLACE show
But the name doesn't matter its the art.
I am really excited and me and him have been discussing what we want to do.
Brain storming ideas to use the space as good as possible, mainly because we never get a chance like this and we just want people to enjoy being in a space taken over by creative ideas, objects, and out of place things to make them look at the art differently then just walking into a space and seeing the work minimalistically hung up. I understand that way of art but over the years i figured out that's not me.

Here's a little on how me and Kenneth became good friends and aspiring artist.
I meet him in art class in High School. He was kinda the "teachers pet" and a few grade levels above me. His work was rather amazing, taking on fantasy landscapes and great figure drawings of people and just a well rounded artist. I at the moment was a freshman and drawing dragon ball z charcters but the teacher new i could do better, and so did Kenneth. After school we had art club and he would critique my ideas and creep me out by eating a handfull of pop corn with paint on it. It astonished me and his words for just studying anatomy and real life drawing pushed me. Over the next summer all I did was draw and when I cam back to school the teacher didnt know i was the same artist. Seeing my devotion I was put in AP art and did my best to go further and surpass kenneth! haha later on I meet Torey who introduced me into contemporary art and crazy skate board like art and I found a new style to explore and blending what i learned from class and kenneth then adding it to what I learned from Torey is kinda what my style is yea thats enough im sure im boring everyone.

but more info on the future art show soon.