Thursday, June 18, 2009

blue n brown

Despite my horrid hangover for the first half of the day everything ended well.
Found out about this amazing band and killed a few pages in my sketchbook.
Ate lots of food and smoked my hookah since I couldn't find my tobacco.
(Funny thing isI found it squished in my note pad.)
My friend Morgan called midway thru the day for music making and conversations about komodo dragons and drinking whiskey on the sea. It got dark and we talked about photography for a while and a series she wants to do. But for fun we decided to have a paint fight and snap a few shots. After the paint fight we dried off, said hey to a few friends and muched out at steak n shake. Where almost everyone who worked there said we were awesome.

All in all it was a good day.

Today me n Morgan plan on checking out some film cameras and later on both of us will be doing more art together, wich is just what i need to get of my ass. I tend to be lazy about art every now and then.
I gained a new art friend.