Monday, June 22, 2009


Last night, all I can remember is feeling like a ice cube melting over thoughts that I no longer remember. Trying to put the pieces back in a puzzle to do my best and understand everything. All in all I was fucked up. Thoughts were racing and I wonder if friends had a good time.

Saturday did the photocat race. Really fun, long rides thru the city are always awesome. Old friends and also made new friends. Got to see my good friend Maria and caught up some with her. Great mind. We couldnt hang out for long but it was rad seeing what shes been up to and to hear how shes doing. Other then that I took alot of great photos but I need to develop them and put em up some time soon. Enjoying working with film these past few days. I wonder why I stopped and Im glad I am doing it again.

A lot of shit to do this week, just need to remember it all.


My friend Steph told us about the protest in Iran yesterday.
Very messed up whats going on over there.
I wish them the best of luck to turn things around for the better.
Read up on it here.