Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dorothy Ashby - The Windmills of Your Mind

Emotions are a large driving force for a artist. Some times a certain emotion can tend to overwhelm my views on what art should be. When doing art there is a background idea pushing yourself to do the work you see in your head and sometimes a emotion can tend blind you from this idea and eventually you forget about it. As a artist concentration is needed but life is not so patient. I have not done much work recently and doing more graffiti. In a way graffiti helps me understand myself, makes me feel alive. Untill I get tired of the adrenline rush and satisfaction of it I wont understand my emotional state of mind....I dont really know what I am saying, except I'm too lonely and emotionally stressed out to continue doing artwork at the moment. Sometimes this helps but whatever. Pay me to do art so I can keep doing it. Then I might be a little more peacfull. Fuck money and love.