Friday, May 15, 2009


Yesterday ended up being a lot more fun then I anticipated. Did my work and interviewed the Warner Robins Band Dope John Paul. Finished from there and worked on the magazine for a bit and my friend decided to go to the Nashville Portraits opening at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. To our happy surprise there was free drinks and free finger food! So my friend had like 3 beers and I got a beer and wine and enjoyed my self comfortably. After that I went to Craig's studio to do some printing of the plate I did a while back. They came out wonderfully and my friend Buffalo was happy enough to take some photos of me doing some printing haha Taking a smoke break I looked out the window and to my surprise I saw a few train hopper kids and went down to talk to them. They seemed to have been here for a while and where having trouble getting out. I helped them as best I could and gave em each a taylor made and 5 bucks. I would of given them more but I dont even have money now! Oh yeah theres a picture of the art piece Kenneth is doing that is a collaboration with my oil painting. Its looking great and I cant wait to see the finished product.