Saturday, May 16, 2009


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So far it has been a crazy weekend, but in the best way possible. It began suttle, going to starbucks and chillin with friends. Meet Steph and Morgan and I remember they wanted to put a small band together so we decided to practice, or at least see if our styles worked together, so we went to a cool spot downtown and had a forty and played some music. Later my good friend Isuru came by to play with us and blow us out the water with his guitar skillz haha After the session we went back to starbucks, enjoyed some chips n salsa and had conversations with a few old friends. We all parted ways and I went with Morgan and Louis (the cute pup) to Ricardo's place, Steph's man. Before we got there we dropped off Zac and I ended up asking Morgan out. A yes and we were chillin like villans.......yea...i dunno
Next day me and morgan went to her place, chilled and went swimming for a bit. Also took a pinhole photo with Morgan, the first time I have done anything like that, developed too and it came out pretty spiffy. After that we ventured some abandon houses near by, poision ivy at the second one we went to and a pig, who told us to leave. So we got some ointment at her place, and the rest of the day was conversations and enjoying each others company untill I had to go.

Weird, when you think some things will never happen, they happen.