Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am smoking green again. 
Thank you loved ones, confidence is restored.
I felt like I was in high school again the other night.
It was amazing.
The girl I am dating graduated and it makes me feel old.
I thought of how proud I was of her, it sounds strange but it's a part of life some people take for granted.After her graduation day I just hung out with Buffalo and drank tons of alcohol all damn day for two days in a row. Yup. Rode my bicycle untill my butt hurts. I cant sleep of it.
Over all it was a great weekend I just wish I had spent more time with Morgan. 
But I will get over it.
Need my wallet and some luvin 
I also looked at a film camera and found out the cost.
I am super excited. 
For 90 big ones I can get my old camera back
A Canon AE-1
God damn that camera made me love living life when I had it.
Can't wait to get it again.