Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday a big and random day.
Did some work, bought a mega phone for critical mass tomorrow.
Also bought a pint of red stripe and a young jeezy cd from this hustlin dude at the liquor store. $3 son! Fuck yea haha Kenneth picked me and my art up. We stopped at the dollar store for some batteries for the megaphone and as we left the car fucked up, so we chilled untill road side assistance came and picked us up and took us to his place. Once there we found out the sprak plug was loose?...WTF Anyway we transfer over to the mini-van and head to the gallery to start setting up. Kenneth did a great job setting everything up, I think I lost my eye for shit like setting up a gallery or maybe i'm just really dumb. I helped out a good bit, i could of done better but i dunno, anyway. After having fun setting up and talking about stuff, we headed out. I stoped by Zac's to smoke a few bowls, got high as balls and walked home playing the shit out of my harmonica and thought about almost everything at once. Killed my sketchbook with some art and passed out listening to the rain and smoking a cigarette.

A very eventfull day.

Tomorrow should be just as eventfull.