Monday, June 8, 2009


One hell of wild and memorable weekend.
Friday was a success. The Art Show was wonderful, lots of people and booze. Great music from good friends of mine Steph and Morgan. Thanks to all the amazing people who stoped by and checked out the show and the people who purchased artwork from both me and Kenneth. Spent the night in the stair well of Buffalo's apartment, pretty halarious happenings before we passed out there.
Saturday was wonderful, got some IVP and chilled a bit with Trang, Morgan and Buffalo. Later we went down to the river, me, Kenneth, Buf, and Katie. Drank some brews and smoked some and enjoyed a almost quiet and gorgeous day by the river. Got back to the apt and had some pizza before we all passed out doing whatever the hell we were doing.
Woke up that Sunday wondering what we would do. We got a ride to the river from Collin and Katie tagged along with us. Space bag of wine and lemonade vodka and good friends. Hung out for a while, Trang came by. Me and her decided to head out and see if we couldnt help Morgan move out, didnt happen. So we ate Taco bell and meet up with Steph.....I kinda like Sour Cream now....Got to Stephs and decided to see her Fernando at work, we drank a Margarita and had the most amazing conversation, the amazing ones make me feel uncomfortable. Learned a lot I guess about friendship at that moment and yea, later hung out some more, chilled with Buffalo for a bit and I got home that night and listened to Cat Power and the outside of my window untill I slept.

Great Weekend thanks to everyone who was involved in it.

Now work and ideas on new art.
Without booze.