Wednesday, June 3, 2009

thoughts in my ciggerette

I use to enjoy music a lot. I still do, but over the years I feel like listening to music is opening a book in the library of memories we all hold dear. Its hard opening that book and going back to those pages filled with good memories detailed and like a good scenes from a movie called life, I guess. Recently I have been reading books but not of my past, but of fictional characters also haunted by there past and present. In many ways I feel like reading has become my new hobby that helps me forget what is presently ahead of me. A lot of things do this same task, of escaping our reality of bills, parents, past, and drama and so on and so forth. Taking a shower, doing art or photography, graffiti, watching TV, drinking, and smoking all our ways of escaping into our own little world for a bit. What makes most of these forms of escaping more pleasurable is doing it together with someone, this ends up becoming our past and present life. I know personally I can tend to get lost in these forms of leaving what presently confuse me and I forget that life is always out there with arms wide open, even in this small town of dreamers, drug addicts and socialites. There is something new to explore and enjoy. One more reason for me to jump on my bike and see what happens today, pedaling in the present.