Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Every situation I seem to find myself in.
I try my best to make the best of it artistically and emotionally.

Things have been rad recently.
I feel a lot of pressure on my toes and I know it will die off in September.

I told a lady at work I will be hitch hiking.
She responded with
"isnt that dangerous"
and the perplexing question
my response to this was odd.
I was hung over and described the fuzzy idea as best as I could.
"...meeting people you would never meet and its a gnarly life style and telling people the way I live free and.... "
You get the point.
It is weird to think questions must be brought up when a decision and a drastic change of life style happen. Most people fear it in a way...actually living like this.
I know its not acceptable and people do look down on it.
But there to busy on there black berry trying to gain a status and name in this large world.