Thursday, August 13, 2009

san pedro extract

Some movies, no mater how depressing it might be has a statement. I feel most of them in genral try and remind you no matter something comes to a end. Enjoy every bit of it.

So in a way.

You quality of life has improved.

Things have been good recently.
Work is a giant pain in the ass. My manager isn't any nicer or more chill.
My hours are getting cut too.
Oh well I will indeed make the best of it.
I am there for a larger purpose and that's to save money so I can travel!

My good friend Will called.

He was heading to Savannah for the night.
Plus he asked a awesome question while we talked.
He wants to know if I would be interested in being his 4th room mate in a warehouse they will be renting in Atlanta. That would be awesome and I will indeed try and save some of the money I make at work for the first months rent. It would be nice to travel and live on my own again as soon as I get back. Maybe this time I can make a bigger impact with my art and photography.

I need to fix my camera.

I should be getting my first pay check tomorrow so I hope this camera problem can be fixed soon.

That and my alcohol problem...maybe I can finnaly buy something for that nifty flask I bought.

I also talked to some old travellin buddies. There all over the place.
While talking to one of them I herd something about some san pedro extract in this one state for thats really travelling. Maybe we can stop by there.

A lot of them are heading to Portland.

A small piece of me wants to go.

Another small piece of me just wants to go with the flow.