Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yesterday was wild.
Got paid at work and went on like a 3 hour break.
So what do you expect me to do?!?!
I go buy a 6 pack !
Anyway I drank on the job since I didnt like the idea of showing up drunk.
Getting gradually drunk AT work sounded better.
So I finished my last 2 at work.
They find out and I get kicked out for the night.
So I meet up with Morgan with 2 forties for a project were doing.
Drinking 25 forties before we leave to fill up the side of a rooftop.
So we finish em and meet up with some more ladies.
We drink the night away and get into trouble.
When all the brew is in our tummy we call it a night.
Me n Morgan pitch a tent off near the river walk and pass out.
The end.
One hell of a night.
Hopefully I can load some photos up.
If my camera isnt fucked fully.
If it is thou.
I might have to get a cheap small one soon.
Tonight should be fun thou.

I hope to load some new art soon.