Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts on Leslie Shows

I am currently listening to a conversation / interview with the artist Leslie Shows. The discussion is rather deep and comforting in a sense that I feel what she is portraying in her landscapes is what I want my human bodies to look like. So far they have discussed a lot of the differences in the San Fransico artist and New York artist and the different ideas on the topic of landscape. Lesilie also talked about the breaking down of the human body into matters and irons and such, witch is something she finds inspirational in her landscapes. Very interesting and I might do some research on this subject latter, since I feel it can help me out on what I want my art to be. But her work is very powerful and reflective on society and what a landscape should be rather then what people see it as (a backdrop of the human subject or subject).

I recently became very interested in the idea of filling the body form with lines and colors and shades after looking at a image by nico. s on flickr. This image I felt was very powerful in a way that it reflected the charcter in the drawing spot on. The emptiness we can feel as people and also the confusion and so on. In a lot of ways I feel that is what Leslie is trying to capture but and a bigger scale. A landscape can tell you so much, like who has been there and what people did or modified in that certin area and the change in patterns and colors represent that fully to the point like you could of been in her painting and changed it or made it what she see's on the canvas. Her use of color and composition is gorgeous and makes you feel like your looking at a landscape of your own soul.
Leslie also talked about culture and the way it changes and in a way with the way it also changes with nature. Also she talked about trains and a hurricane are the same in a gnarly way that there the same mechanisim and matter and that its something that is a huge part of her work, matter. Science and art is something she plays with and its makes her work so much more you can dig into and contemplate while you look at her work. Do listen to the discussion it is rather mind boggiling and I think I have a new favorite artist...I will try and find more interviews with artist soon and try and put my thought on it on this blog to use as a archive so I can be able to come back and read 1t.