Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Tunes

"opens her eyes with the sunshine and waves goodbye to me"
-Sweet Tooth Nelson

I am a huge folk, indie fan. Anything with a guitar and banjo and a scragly voice is love to me, I found myself loving this music when I got on the road and having lil ho-downs with fellow travelers, and since then I listen to folk because of the memories it can make.
While looking around on Fecal Face dot com I found a video of Sweet Tooth Nelson playing a song called "Daddy knows About Death" so I watched it, you can see a small smile before he starts strumming and after that its all business. A serious song with a good vibe, the cat roams around in the back, while the atmosphere of the room comes out of my little computer screen and I just sit and enjoy the music while the light comes in from my windows. Giving Sweet Tooth Nelson was one thing I am happy for. Now only if he can put his cd out so the world can enjoy it some more and I can ride my bike listening to him.

Sweet Tooth Nelson - Daddy Knows About Death from Bryan Derballa on Vimeo.