Saturday, August 29, 2009

kevin cyr camper bike

I have been a bicycle-holic since owning a bicycle in Atlanta. Once I discovered the true freedom a bicycle has I was hooked. I am positive I have told friends that when I settle down I dont want a car and I just want a bunch of bikes for every occasion. Well, I was browsing thru since I havnt been on it in forever and I found this image, with a link to the artist Kevin's website.

I was impressed and the general idea I got after looking at his images of the camper bike I knew that I wanted one and I also wanted to live in one for a while. A amazing idea and a brilliant artist. A lot of his projects are on modes of transportation, I think its great he picked such a huge idea to work on and he can do a lot of wild things with it and I am sure he will. But ethier way it inspired me to continue being a artist and also learning how to make my own bikes!