Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Gabe aka vigilantalways on flickr is a really gnarly photographer. I enjoyed his photos a while back and supported him by buying a zine from him. A zine I still have, back at home. It came with a extra tiny zine, if I remember correctly and two tapes from local dudes. One was a mix that I listened to for a month straight I believe and finally not to long ago passed it down to a dear friend, Sterling. Who also appreciated the music.

I just recently bumped back into his flickr after seeing he bought a t4 for less then 3 dollars and was literally blown away by the quality and composition and just real, dirty grittiness of his new photography that I enjoyed so much from his older work. But looking at his new work there is a maturity and dedication. Looking at his gallery wondering when does he ever go anywhere without his camera! I have always admired the shit you get when documenting friends in odd and down moments and somehow documenting it in a way that is appealing and makes you feel like you were right there joking or feeling the same way like he did while taking the photo "OH FUCK I GOT TO GET THIS SHOT!"

No matter what kind of feeling you get from looking at his photography you cant help but try and understand why he keeps doing what he does.

And after looking at a image in silence on your own, you cant help but go get fucked up, or venture out into the real world and see what happens and wait for whatever it is your waiting for to happen and take a picture to remember,
your alive and living the way you fucking want to live!

v i g i l a n t a l w a y s