Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Epiphany!

Jessica Williams

I came to a realization today after looking at some art on Daily Serving and it makes me feel stupid something so simple took me soooooo long to figure the fuck out. Anywho...I love my art and always try to take it to another level and recently it just seems I am comfortable making friends happy with my art...it's great...the best feeling ever but! Sometimes real art must be made to make a point. We are after all the generation to cause change and more then likely chaos. Anyway heres my new idea on a already exhisting art theme.
The theme has always been to show people that people are not there clothes but more there enviroment and emotions.

So this project can only start with documenting peoples emotions on a extreme level.
anger, depresion, lust, isolated, in thought...etc etc

Johannes Kahrs

The project would need a wide variety of people willing to be in a comfortable place of there chosen emotion they wish to show. So if you were to cry it would be in that kind of enviroment for example your room on the bed or in the bathroom..etc. Same for all the other emotions. Mainly I want to do close up photos and then draw them in my own style. I am not looking for pussy ass cool hip shit I want the rawist form of each of these emotions so it can be more of a impact and not just "oh lala"

If your interested in this project and would like to be a part of it. Contact me on here or facebook or call txt me. I will figure out a day to get photos of everyone I want atleast 10 people 5 different emotions. It can be more.

Inspiration for this project.
Jessica Williams project "im to sad to tell you"
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