Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Locals on Lock

Small Talk

Lets face it East Atlanta is a rather small part of town and well only so much happens when its your day off. Most the time you end up picking up a forty with some friends, maybe hit up a party or go to a movie or show....lots of things happen but how the hell do you hear about those damn shows! You and I both probably ask this question and later toss it out the window once you see half your friends at the show you randomnly went to. Well yes from word of mouth is usually how we hear of the local happenings or flyers even facebook. But who has there pulse on the local beat of the punk scene?

Well I would like to think it would be Goose. Sure what kinda name is that..but he has recently had his pulse on the local scene this year and hopefully he will continue. This year he has been making large flyers annoucing the shows for every indvidual month wich is amazing if you really think about it. The first time I herd about this I was talking to a new friend at the bar about making the local community more involved with everyone, he told me of his endavors and later pulled out this folded gritty piece of paper out of his pocket and gave it to me. I unraveled it to find all the shows of January for East Atlanta and a few out of state for some really gnarly bands! He later told me it was from a friend of mine from my hometown so I totally meet him at one of his shows at his place and asked of any way to help. He said sure and well I have yet too, but I thought this would help a bit. So if you find your self in zone 6 and wonderin whats happenin under this smoggy city, you will more then likely find kids like us willing to get drunk in the gnarliest place you will have ever seen.