Wednesday, January 19, 2011

individual relations

Thinking more about the ideas that exist inside the artistic world I am constantly trying to organize my thoughts in a presentable string of words. But it being art that I am trying to present. Only the artwork can present the ideas that can not be spoken threw my mouth but more threw my art. In speaking let the overall artwork consume your soul in a manor that you can understand.

I will do my best to describe the work threw my eyes and also the eyes that the viewer may or may not have.

In the begging of viewing my work, the individuals presented have skin that are submerged in colors, marks and designs. Each subject matter has its own identity in emotion of itself threw its skin that depict the subjects mannerism's and emotional identity that are seen by the artist. The depiction of the very diverse skin of each subjects self are meant to describe the individual as a whole. The diverse skin is more confusing and appealing in a way to the viewer of the subjects clothing being so somberly, detailed in a manner of quick and timeless, brash thinking of the individual that the artist might see. Thus the battle of overcoming ones look with ones overall outlook on life and emotional ties.

In many circumstances before I would of looked at ones overall attire and describe them as a individual due to that, but in my recent outlook on life the identity of someone is more of how they act around someone and how they speak to people and etc. So in general I may look at someone and say there lame or uncool but only until you talk to them is when you change your mind. A thing most of us have always had troubled with, especially me.

I have yet good photos of my work that I am presenting but hopefully soon.