Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a wild weekend is all i have to say.
critical mass, beer, bike rides, and taking "acid" ha
whiskey, river, and me being a dumb ass is all i remember
river again, friends, beer, green, movies and a chill bike ride

it doesn't sound like much but it was pretty crazy. i got a call today making my weekend even crazier. so im just drinking some beers at the house reading and uploading these photos.

i finished hanging up everything for the art show earlier today so I couldnt be more excited for first friday. i hope a lot of people show up.

other then that in July my parents wants the family to go to puerto rico. i really dont know what to say about it cuz i seriously wanted to relax in atlanta and if i cant bring my bike to puerto rico i WILL be miserable the entire trip. so who knows what will happen i just hope whatever does happen, happens for the best.

now to grab another beer.