Friday, August 28, 2009


Mixed media on 9x12 Watercolor paper

So far I am slightly pleased but I feel the pieces are to posed or un-natural. The last one I am happy with, it is taken from a sketch of my friend Morgan sleeping. I also like the second one, it is posed but I love how the piece came together. I am excited about this series and it is one I feel I will constantly be working on. You can do so much and I cant wait to start working on a larger canvas, the details can really make the idea come out and slap you in the face.

The water color process is very nice and natural and has the color palette that I enjoy a lot. Very airy colors that can be vibrant when it is necessary. Working on this first I get a good feel of the character I am presenting. Picking the color of the character is usually not very hard, depending on the pose and feeling I want it to have but I hope to do more real life studies with this process and I feel this is when the chosen color process will take more thought and time.

Adding the insides of the character as of now is rather a hard process right now. I normally start with different color pens to add small detail and lines to work with when I come in with crayons, markers, white-out, and etc. This is a slightly depressing area to work on since I can do so much but I dont want the feeling of taking my sweet time on the insides, some points yes but for the most part I want it done with fluid thought and rigid lines. The idea is to express what I feel the character is feeling in that certain moment. Usually someone is having mixed emotions but sometimes there not. This is where the piece becomes more difficult, wandering if there insides should be still and calm or fluid and thoughtful or rigid and confused or thoughtful and rigid. Yea....I hope to show more works where I feel more confident in every process of making the art work, work together with the viewer.